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Coffee, Beans, and Rice

My favorite meal is black beans over white rice, a side of cabbage salad, fried plantains, a strong freshly brewed cup of coffee (black) and Buena Vista Social Club playing in the background. Indulge with me in the simplicity of this meal. There are many variations of black bean soup, today, I am sharing a recipe that I had forgotten about! This black bean stew has a secret and powerful…

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Maafe (West African Peanut Stew/Groundnut Stew)

I found this recipe in a vegetarian cookbook about 30 years ago and I remember being so pleasantly surprised on how delicious it is. I did not grow up eating peanuts let alone peanut butter, so this was all new to me. it’s just so delightful! It’s aromatic, hearty, and it does not feel heavy. You can serve this with rice or flat bread.

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Adobong Manok (Chicken Adobo)

I was looking for a recipe that Sara’s boyfriend would enjoy and that it would remind him of home. Aaron has been staying with us during Covid, and they are taking online classes (second year college). He is first generation Filipino-American and one dish that I thought he would enjoy is Chicken Adobo which is the Philippines’ national dish, and for good reason! It’s so tasty! There are many variations…

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The Swiss Army Knife is the tool of Despair

Can you plow a field with it? Clean a bottle? Pull a nail? A diehard SAK fan would say hell yes. Ok, let him. And while he’s doing that (and mansplaining all about using it to survive a shipwreck), grab yourself a cool drink, read the instructions, pull out your tool kit with just the right tools (sans plow), and get it done faster and injury free. Work smart, not…

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Wasabi Cucumber Egg Salad

I am rarely in the mood to eat eggs, but once in a while I want something savory, and creamy on a piece of toast or a cracker. A traditional egg salad is nice, but I want something with a kick while still refreshing and not too heavy. I am not a fan of raw celery, so for the crunchy element, I am using cucumber and red onion. I hope…