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Our Covid-19 Diet

One plus about working and attending school from home is that we are cooking more, we tried to have a garden and for a while we had lovely lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, purple potatoes, radishes and peppers. I thought it would be interesting to see how we are eating during our quarantine. Here is our menu for three months in 2020. April 29 Steamed flounder and asparagus with mashed potatoes April…

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The Lemon Challenge

Geoff trimmed our lemon tree which was full of fruit and after giving some to our neighbors, we still had two full buckets! the challenge was to use as many of the lemons as possible. Marlo sat at the counter doing homework. I started by making flavored water (cucumber, Moroccan mint, rosemary, and spearmint), next was a loaf bread; lemon preserve; lemon confit; lemonade, of course; and, juiced lemons (placed…

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This is the Time to be Slow

I am looking for a quiet place and a quiet time in a house full of people. There are chores that require attention (cleaning, laundry before it rains, cooking, and walking the dog). I am also working from home and that takes eight to nine hours of my day where, I stand-in-need, of the mundane demands of my job, I engage with people on tasks that do not seem important.…

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Bite

You wake up and find a big red bite on your forehead, or your leg; what do you do? In our home, we have seen our share of bug bites, mostly mosquitoes and spider bites. The culprit is a mystery because we can never find those pesky spiders! There are some basic first aid things […]